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"For physical training is of some value, but godliness (spiritual training) is of value in everything and in every way, since it holds promise for the present life and for the life to come."

1 Timothy 4:8 (AMP)

●   POWER   ●   BOLDNESS   ●   CONVICTION   ● 






     If you, as a Christian, desire to grow deeper in the Lord and see the power of the believer available and manifest (in your family and daily life), this school is for you!  Or if you feel a call to the five-fold ministry then this school is also for you! We are willing to work with you outside of your denomination's limits. What we offer is discipleship as Christ commands so you can be empowered as Christ wants whether you are in ministry or not!

     Dr. Price knows his purpose in life is to raise up as many people to the fullness of what Christ paid for them to have. It's that simple yet that complex simultaneously. If it came easy the world would be a different place and the church wouldn't be so powerless in the supernatural. If it came solely by a fellowship at church, the cities with mega-churches that have droves of attendance, wouldn’t have Christians dying of cancer in those assemblies. If the answer was bible college, then why do over 200 ministers leave the church world to take other jobs each MONTH? 

     Statistically, the vast majority of graduates from a bible college [with the five-fold ministry focus] leave the ministry in their first 10 years – extremely few ever return. (Source) The truth is what we think discipleship is and how we portray it as modern Christians, is so far removed from what the Word teaches, that the roots of most believers never sink deep enough to weather multiple storms! That's what we are called to change.


​     Our focus is always to emulate what Christ did in His 3 years of training His disciples and add some of the modern developments that propel us as people:​

  • To walk in the supernatural daily (i.e.: healing, deliverance, wisdom, hear Him continually)!

  • To prepare for the spiritual warfare, which hits us all, and know-how to win!

  • To learn the lifestyle required to maintain a strong spiritual position with continual growth!

  • To fulfill all that He has purposed, planned, and called you into!


     Applying and learning these main focus points cannot be done in a few weeks, nor is it accomplished by regular church attendance. You cannot apply and walk in these points simply by learned academia or solely on the theological study. Being effective to overcome the stagnant Christian walk is only wrought by teaching.....

(Read more at the School of Discipleship's site by clicking here!)




     The education of our children in a wholesome environment is the most important part of their adolescent years. We recognize this fact and are here to help families in our area navigate these troublesome times in the public school system and seek to provide a solid, Christian-based environment! 

     In October 11, 2021, we opened our facility as an Academic Co-op to assist those who need their children supervised during the workday but step away from the troubles of the public school system. Even with our limited space, we have been able to impact about a dozen children already by daily accommodating the school work necessary, spending time in worship, offering music lessons in the interest of the children, the study of the Bible, and monthly outings to explore learning environments outside of the classroom!


     Students are welcome to bring any curriculum that their parent(s) prefer, or we offer a curriculum through the Abeka school which has a Christian basis. Their educational system has been around for many decades, is used the world over, and is above the curriculums offered in the Pennsylvania State curriculum! Thus the children in our Little Disciples Academic Co-op have consistently scored high (88-100% test scores) on their state-required tests, often students are scoring into levels at a grade higher than they are in! Our flexibility allows the children to work on certain subjects at a higher level than the standards in their grade, and even remedial if extra learning is needed in other subjects.

      Our student to instructor ratio is more appropriate for a quality learning environment than the public school systems and we have a homeschool certifier (as required by the state) for the students who are full-time here. Our space is limited at our facility and so we recommend you apply quickly and reserve your child or children's desk to enhance their future, increase their spiritual awareness, and secure their safety in what is being invested in them during their school day!

(Read more about the Little Disciples Academic Co-OP by clicking here!)

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